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The training is Metabolic... Metabolic training is anaerobic (lack of oxygen) so it is at a higher intensity with minimal breaks. This type of training blasts fat cells, and improves cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Strength and power goes through the roof! Calories are continually burned hours after the workout is complete by what is called an "Afterburn Effect".

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1-on-1 Training

Metabolic training blasts fat cells, improves cardiovascular and bolsters muscular endurance. Strength and power goes through the roof!

30 min or 60 min 1-on-1 sessions

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Boxing & Kickboxing

Boxing and Kickboxing fun high cardio impact workouts that burn fat faster than other cardiovascular exercises, meaning you get more out of your workout.

60 min 1-on-1 sessions

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Small Group Training

Our small group training is perfect for couples and small groups wanting to train together.

60 min session for 2-5 people

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Host your own bootcamp! Our bootcamp service is great for a medium group that wants a high intensity, fun, and challenging hour.

60 min session for 5-10 people

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Real Results


Alley has not only beaten cancer, but continues to show up day in and day out to fight for a better body… because she’s a fighter #fuckcancer

Pounds Lost

Lost 60 lbs.

Down 60lbs in the last 18 months

Training Method

Her Method

Training 3 times per week

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FitForm Training is Mobile

Don't like the gym? Fit Form brings the training to you!
Whether it's in the comfort of your home or outside, there's never a place to hide, we will be there!!!

Prefer an actual gym?
Fit Form Training trains out of this gym:

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Christopher Toews

Chris Toews is Fit Form Training and honestly blessed to be able to train people to live a healthier and more functional way of life! It's nice to be strong, it's nice to lift things right and not be out of breath when you go up the stairs. It's nice to be able to keep up with your kids, it's nice to look good in the mirror naked and say, “yea, I'm sexy!” Because who doesn’t wanna look good naked!?

Honestly when you look good, you feel good… and all I ever want is for you to smile and appreciate you! Personally being able to lose 45lbs in 16 weeks to compete in kickboxing tournaments to then having a certain client lose 120lbs in 18 months and have it witnessed by a bootcamp of 20 others who I now not only consider my clients but my friends is very rewarding. I never look to be the best. I only want to make others become better, as the best reward for any coach or trainer is for their client or student to surpass their greatness on account of your knowledge and teachings.

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